el Pico de Orizaba - 2000 Expedition
el Pico de Orizaba - Expedition 2000 - Mexico


Popocatepetl erupting - as seen from airplane

11/18/2000 el Pico . Let the Adventure Begin.

The first sight of some of the lesser peaks of Mexico poking through the clouds was reason enough to make my excitement rise. As in previous adventures I approached the departure day with a certain amount of apprehension and nervous anticipation.

Last night out with friends the level of their concern that I might fall victim to the mountain surprised me. My friend Scott seemed to express it in a way that cut through the tough hispanic exterior and show just a bit of real concern. everyone wishes me luck and bid "be careful". Despite my assurances that this was a volcano and since none of us that were climbing were virgins there would be no sacrifices, I still sensed their worry.

gear  - before

expedition gear laid out...

On the flight I met a very talkative woman named Victoria, whose family lived in Mexico. She inquired what I was going to Mexico for. I told her of my plans to climb La Malinche and el Pico de Orizaba. She told me that her mother lived in the town of Orizaba. in the ensuing conversation she offered me a ride to el Cudad de Orizaba. I told her of my plans to meet up with my climbing group in Puebla. She asked if I had any children and if I was married. I told her about Adam and said that I was single. She leaned to her friend and I overheard her say "he could marry my sister". We later exchanged cards and asked to send her some pictures from the mountains.

gear  - after

Expedition gear packed up..

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